Who we are


Philip M York

Alt224 dates back to 1992 when Mr York first started trading Managed Accounts using systematic trading methods.

In 1996 Mr York took this to another level developing a proprietary funds management platform incorporating fully automated dynamic asset allocation methods.  This proprietary quantitative trading platform was successfully used to trade retail global macro funds returning double digit returns for many years.

In his drive to further automate funds management Mr York’s company
developed some of the first direct exchange connectivity to electronic markets.

Leveraging on this experience Mr York has spearheaded the development of a revolutionary trading platform with Dr Green.  This platform facilitates the automated deployment of the trading strategies provided by Alt224’s traders.

Andy Green_2016_1500x1600

Andrew DP Green PhD

Dr Green partnered with Mr York to create Alt224 in 2011 to take Mr York’s ideas on automated asset management to a new level.

Dr Green’s interest in trading goes back to the 90’s where he was involved in the development of automated trading methods for the Hong Kong markets in addition to his involvement in the development of data-feed and trading infrastructure.

Dr Green holds a Certificate in Quantitative Finance, a Phd in Electronic Systems Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Microprocessor Engineering. He has been involved in the design, development and deployment of microprocessors, machine-learning and generic algorithms as well as high-speed order matching infrastructure.